The Mammy Cookie Jars

Written by wheelworksart on May 21, 2012 in A World of Clay -
Slavery Revealed

Slavery Revealed (Mammy Cookie Jar/Double-wall)

“To me, my Mammy Pots are about pride! Each one that I make looks different but they all represent the Black Mother, the slave woman who didn’t ask to come to this country, who worked day and night and dreamed of freedom and hoped it would all be made right in the next life. She was midwife to this great country, with blood up to her elbows. She heard the master talk about freedom-the birthing of a nation. She quietly poured the tea and took it all in…”

Above is an excerpt from Ameen, by Joanne Fenton Humphrey – a 120 page book that highlights the person and works of Tracy Ameen, who is internationally known for her sculpting and double wall pottery.

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